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Musical Director -  Sally Aitchison

Accompanist - Dan Duveen

Upcoming Events

Saturday 16th September - Joint Concert with the Cosley Male Voice Choir in Cosley

Monday 16th October, 7.00 p.m. - Alzheimers Café, Hillfields Coventry

Saturday 28th October - Joint Concert with Tamar Valley Male Voice Choir. Queen’s Road Baptist Church Coventry

Registered Charity No. 1167576                                                    Member of The National Association of Choirs

Joining The Choir - by Brian Todd

We are the City Of Coventry Male Voice Choir

We sing with soul from the heart

For 70 years we’ve performed many songs

And would love some more men to take part

From opera to pop and songs from the shows

Plus traditional male voice numbers

When we open up there’s a sure guarantee

That nobody suffers the slumbers

We’ve two lots of tenors, baritone and bass

As we blend in pure sweet harmony

It’s not difficult you know, just give it try

You’ll soon get the hang and you’ll see

Sally our director waving her arms

Whilst Danny will tickle the ivory

We open our throats and hit the right notes

That is our top pri- or-ity

We’re just ordinary chaps from all walks of life

Who meet on a Wednesday for cheer

We’ve no prima donnas, we’re just a great choir

We’re the best hereabouts what we hear


Listen you lads who sing in the shower

The bath or even the loo

We want you to join us to raise up your voice

And blend with our wonderful crew

So come on and meet us at the Church where we sing

It’s where Methodists gather to pray

At Woodside Avenue is the spot on the map

Come and join in the fun each Wed-nes-day!